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For more than half a century Lussier Insurance has provided smart auto insurance solutions to clients just like you.  Whether you’re a seasoned driver with an impeccable driving record or a less experienced driver with a less-than-perfect driving history, we can help.  We’ve built a vast network of insurance carriers throughout the years: top-rated companies that share our passion for delivering the kind of personal service that makes a difference.  When it comes to protecting you and your family behind the wheel, come to Lussier Insurance. 

Smart Solutions for Today’s Families

It’s no secret that we live in a litigious society.  The courts overflow with litigants looking to collect major settlements for the most minor fender-bender.  Even the most cautious drivers are at risks.  That’s why adequate auto insurance coverage isn’t simply the law but a necessity when it comes to protecting your family’s financial future.  Huge awards aren’t unusual and no one can predict what a jury will decide.  Lussier Insurance can show you how to protect yourself with insurance designed for today’s drivers.

We WANT to Save You Money

In fact, we consider it our job to provide the absolute best available protection at rates you’ll appreciate.  Our agents’ work diligently to provide options that save you money.  We spend time analyzing individual needs in order to maximize available discounts.  Some carriers are more competitive with seniors while others offer advantages for young drivers.  Several companies provide substantial savings when you purchase both auto and homeowners insurance.  The professionals at Lussier Insurance will help you wade through your options to come up with a comprehensive and affordable auto insurance plan.

We Insure More than Cars

From cars, trucks, SUV’s and minivans to RV’s and motorcycles, Lussier Insurance provides the same quality protection through insurance designed with your needs in mind.  With our large network of regional and national insurance companies we can always provide the coverage you need when you need it.

We’ll Do the Shopping for You!

Remember when gas was under a dollar a gallon?  It wasn’t that long ago that a ten dollar bill would get you into the movies with plenty left for snacks.  The point is prices increase and it’s no different with insurance.  As an independent agency, Lussier Insurance can shop our network of carriers if your rates go up.  We’ll always look for the best available rates with established insurance companies so you don’t have to leave your agent just to get a great deal.

Questions?  We’ve got the answers.

How high or low should my deductible be?  Are state minimum liability requirements adequate for my family and me?  What do I need to carry uninsured auto protection?  You have questions and the pros at Lussier Insurance have the answers.  Our experienced agents can address your specific concerns and explain the ins and outs of auto insurance so you’ll make informed decisions that provide peace of mind.

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