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Group Health Insurance from Lussier Insurance

Small business owners face huge challenges when trying to recruit and retain top quality employees.  A competitive job market makes it difficult to stand out among the many companies looking for top-notch talent.  Providing attractive benefit packages plays a major role in grabbing the attention of your potential hire.

Lussier Insurance works with many major players in the health insurance industry.  This enables us to provide a solid group health insurance plan that fits the company’s budget and meets the needs of your employees.

Our Relationships Help You Build Relationships

Lussier Insurance has been developing relationships with insurance companies since 1975, so we can always offer the coverage you need.  Our group health insurance providers offer a multitude of health insurance plans for small businesses.  From Health Matching Reimbursement Accounts to Medicare, Critical Illness Insurance to PPO and HMO plans and so much more, Lussier Insurance has the coverage your employees want at rates you’ll appreciate.

Don’t worry…we make it simple

Wading through the many government regulations concerning group health insurance can be frustrating.  That’s why so many area businesses trust Lussier Insurance with their group health insurance needs.  Simply give us a call and we’ll

NOTE to Small Business Owners:

The Affordable Care Act allows small business owners to offer health insurance to their employee’s year around.  Open Enrollment does NOT apply to small businesses.

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