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Commercial Liability Protection from Lussier Insurance

By virtue of simply being in business, you face many risks…both known and unknown.  While smart business owners go to great lengths to manage and reduce these risks, there’s no possible way to eliminate them completely.  Commercial Liability Insurance is one of the most effective risk management tools available to businesses.

What does Commercial Liability Insurance cover?

Commercial Liability Insurance protects you, your business and your employees from claims arising from bodily injury or property damage occurrences, within specific policy limits.  The policy affords you protection from not only court-ordered settlements but can also protect you from the expense of out-of-court settlements, as well as the cost of litigation.

Covering the Cost of Covering Your Business

The process of defending a business against a lawsuit is a very expensive undertaking.  In order to provide a strong defense, the insurance company may be required to conduct extensive investigations.  Attorney fees quickly accumulate. If you’re found liable and a judgment is rendered against you, you are responsible for its payment.  Lussier Insurance works with Commercial Insurance companies that provide commercial liability coverage that protects you from all of these costs and more.

Injury Damages

From a slippery walkway to an injury that occurs while using your product, when someone gets hurt someone pays…and it’s usually the business.  Bodily injury and property damages are a daily risk and Lussier Insurance works with companies who know how to protect your business.    When it comes to protecting your business, we’ve got you covered!

And so much more

If your advertising violates a copyright, you’re covered.  We even provide protection against claims of injury due to advertising.  Commercial Liability Insurance is a vital component of any business insurance package and Lussier Insurance is here to make sure you’re protected.

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