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An Independent Insurance Agency …and why that’s important to you and your family.


We’re not held captive by one single insurance carrier.  As an Independent Agency, we represent many top ranked insurance companies.  That means you have options.  Some companies are more competitive in personal lines while others provide better rates in commercial lines.  Certain companies specialize in providing hard-to-find coverage for a variety of uncommon risks.  We know the differences and we use our knowledge to save you money.


We’re big on developing relationships for several reasons: the most important being that it’s the only real way to earn your trust.  By investing our time with you, we gain insight into your individual needs that enables us to provide real-world solutions instead of a generic ‘fix’.  With a host of options, you can trust us to present multiple choices and explain the differences.  As an Independent Agency, we’re truly putting you first and that’s the foundation upon which trust is built.

True Personal Service

When you’re with a captive agency, you don’t have a choice.  If an insurance company raises its rates, your only option is to leave the agency in search of a better deal.  Lussier Insurance shops among our network of carriers to provide an affordable option.  You keep the insurance agent you’ve come to know and trust.  We go the extra mile to for our clients, even providing vehicle registration services from our office to save you time.  That’s true personal service.  That’s Lussier Insurance.

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A Letter from the Owners

“As a family-owned and operated agency, we’ve witnessed many changes throughout our history.  We’ve seen new insurance carriers emerge.  We’ve watched the landscape of the industry evolve to address new risks brought about by the advancement of technology we never could have imagined 20 years ago.  We worked hard to weather economic storms that many companies didn’t survive and through it all, we’ve learned a few things that have become the foundation of all we do.  We’ve learned that integrity is never out of style.  We’ve seen how building relationships is the single most important way to ensure success.  We’re serving the children of clients who’ve been with us since the beginning and we’re still humbled every time we earn a new customer.  A lot has changed but the most important things remain the same.  We’re still working hard and we’re still building relationships.  That’s the legacy of Lussier Insurance and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  Thanks for visiting our website…and don’t hesitate to give us a call.  We look forward to meeting you!”


Mark and Mike Lussier
Lussier Insurance

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